Fernando Salas - Photo

The river of gold II

Cold loneliness

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Red Sunset

This landscape is the result of 3 image manually blended with luminosity mask technique, one for the ground, one for the high sky and the last one for the brighter sky. The shots were taken during a cold sunset in Cangahua (150 Km far from Quito) my main purpose was catch the colors over the Cayambe volcano but suddenly I saw this beatiful sky over my left side so I changed the plans. Please, let me know wath you think about this landscape, is it too red for your taste?

Cotopaxi Sunset

This image was taken during a sunset at the Cotopaxi National Park, I saw many of this beautiful purple flower on the ground so I decided use it as a foreground and the volcano as the background. I mounted the camera with a polarizer filter, a graduated neutral density filter and also a tobacco neutral density filter in order to rise the sunset tones, then I laid down with the tripod and just I had to wait for the exact moment to shot. Please let me know what you think about this image.


Work time

Two Flowers

Light and shadow

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